Alpin-Group World / Schweiz

Our supplier of gas cylinders is the FLAGA Suisse GmbH Gossau. As per August 2016 we supply gas cylinders 7 days a week and assemble / test them on request.

Pick-up locations

  • Rieden SG, Salenstrasse 20 (warehouse)
  • Freienbach SZ, Pfarrmatte 6 (preorder minimum 2 days in advance)
  • Zufikon AG, Breitenstrasse 9 (preorder minimum 2 days in advance)

Tel. 079 544 32 69, until 22.00h, in case of emergency until 24:00h.

We take back (almost) all cylinders and replace them with FLAGA gas cylinders (depot is same everywhere).


Delivery from Rieden SG: 10.00 CHF
Delivery incl. connection to gas grill and test: 12.00 CHF

Delivery from Freienbach SZ and Zufikon AG up to 3km distance: see prices above.

3 - 10 km 5.00 CHF in addition, longer distances negotiable.

Prices for gas cylinders:


As of June 2017, we also offer the delivery of food and beverages as well as toll garbage bags from the municipality on request.
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